“Yesterday I was clever,
I wanted to change
the world. Today I am
wise, so I am changing



This is for you if…

You know life has much more to offer and you expect prosperity, joy, and peace of mind…

You want to find your purpose and build your legacy…

You aspire to make a positive impact on those around you…

You feel you haven’t been able to leverage your skills and you want to identify and manifest them…

You are afraid of change, but you decided to commit to defeat that fear…

You are willing to do the work, knowing that your efforts will take you to where you want to be…

You want to wake up every day excited about what lays ahead…

You are done with tolerating mediocrity and want a reality based on higher standards…

You are fed up with working for others and want to take command of your income…

You want to dissipate the dark cloud over your head and make your days bright and inspiring…


Alejandro Garay

Before becoming a certified Human Potential Life Coach, Alejandro Garay had an extensive career as a journalist and graphic designer. He is now excited to live his passion for supporting individuals and organizations willing to step up to the next level.

Alejandro knows how valuable and life-changing it is for a person to have a life coach’s support in decision making, future planning, living with purpose, and setting clear and realistic goals to generate progress toward a tangible transformation.

As a member of the Ignite Global program, affiliated with the International Coach Federation, Alejandro has been taking part in reciprocal coaching with individuals from all over the world, including locations such as Egypt, Nigeria, Cyprus, Dubai, Australia, South Africa, Peru; and New York, Texas, Georgia and Florida, here in the United States.

His trajectory in personal development started in his hometown in Argentina (Santiago del Estero), and continued in Panama, in Central America, where he lived for three years, and in the United States since 2002.

From his arrival to the USA, he resided in Atlanta, GA, until 2017. Then, Alejandro moved to the beautiful city of Naples, FL, over the cost of the Gulf of Mexico, where he lives with his husband Jefferson and their ‘son’ Cinnamon.

Life Coaching

Life coaching derives from the concept originated in sports. When athletes needed performance improvement, the figure of the coach emerged as a support to achieve the goals toward the next level.

Nowadays, coaching has evolved into more specific areas of life, such as work, health, relationship, and behavioral change. In that pursuit, clients reach out to life coaches because they want more clarity, direction, help, and knowledge in moving forward.


When we grow, develop skills, and expand our horizon life becomes a more awesome journey. As in any journey, we enjoy it more with someone at our side that supports us when the path gets rough, challenges us when the opportunities arise, and celebrate with us our successes.

“We cannot be
anyone we want to be.
We can only
authentically be
who we are.”

~Stephen Cope


The Life Coach

Facilitates conversations to help clients gain insight, awareness, and motivation toward goals. Also, builds awareness and empowers the client.

The modality is presence-based and client-centered.

A classic analogy often mentioned in the coaching field is the following:

In a given night, a person (the client) decides to dig a hole in the backyard looking to find a buried treasure. This person brings someone else (the life coach) for help. In this scenario, the helper holds the flashlight that would allow the digger to find the treasure. The light is a representation of powerful questions formulated by the life coach that brings clarity, certainty, trust, and inspiration needed to complete the task.




“Alejandro Garay gave me a new path of life to find out who I am with a lot of certainty and wellness. His kindness, patience, and professionalism were very helpful. He has his own coaching style, which is very unique and special.”

Mahmoud Kassem, Life Coach, Egypt

“I have had the pleasure of coaching with Alejandro and most highly recommend him as a Life Coach. He is sensitive and caring with great insight and knowledge. His skills in Life Coaching is life-changing and will help you move forward with your goals.”

Ann Rakoff , Life Coach, New York City, USA

If you are looking for somebody who is going to give you the space to express yourself and at the same time help you to achieve your desired outcome… and even more, I highly recommend Alejandro.

Alexandros Neokleous, Life coach - Cyprus

Working with Alejandro was a great experience. He has been present, empathetic, and supportive throughout. Alejandro is a great listener, he is objective and non-judgemental. His coaching assisted me in developing my next steps in my career whilst addressing some personal challenges. His professionalism and empathy along with visualization activities gave me a real boost.
I highly recommend coaching with Alejandro

Abdullah Assadi, Life coach - Dubai


Welcome to the journey. Let’s activate your next level.